Sensory & Neuroendocrine Physiology - Techniques


(incl. whole-cell, voltage-clamp, current-clamp, single-channel, perforated patch, loose-patch, cell-attached, field potential recordings);


Tissue preparation and tissue culture (acute slices of brain or olfactory tissue, dissociated neurons, explant cultures, organotypic slices, cell lines)


Live cell imaging (incl. confocal and two-photon imaging)


In vivo surgery models (incl. injections, lesions, transplants)


Sperm cryopreservation, In vitro fertilization


Behavioral assays (Morris Water Maze; resident-intruder assay, social defeat, Bruce effect, ....)


Histology (incl. immunohistochemistry, neuroanatomy)


Collaborative studies involving molecular biology (incl. in situ hybridization, gene analysis)