Sensory and Neuroendocrine Physiology - T. Leinders-Zufall

Our research is directed towards a better understanding of the molecular and cellular events that mediate mammalian chemical communication, specifically those events underlying complex social behaviors such as aggression, maternal care, and mating. The overall goal is to integrate investigations aimed at understanding molecular membrane mechanisms underlying the recognition of specific signaling molecules in the olfactory system – such as pheromones and hormones – with endocrine and immune function.

see: Pérez-Gómez et al. (2015) Current Biology


The department of Physiology promotes the study of the molecular basis of cell function to the integrated behavior of the whole body. We also train the next generation of medical doctors and scientists by fostering excellence in teaching and research.


The Center for Integrative Physiology and Molecular Medicine (CIPMM) facilitates interdisciplinary and integrative research to investigate the function and dysfunction of signal processing to decipher the interaction between the nervous, immune and endocrine systems.

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