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Literature - How to get publications not directly available to you due to paywalls.


As you may have noticed, we lost access to journals via various portals due to failed negotiations between Elsevier and the government:

Nature News & Comments: Dutch publishing giant cuts off researchers in Germany and Sweden.

Projekt DEAL: press reviews regarding the Elsevier shut down

What is DEAL? link

The Scientist: News & Opinion: Universities in Germany and Sweden lose access to Elsevier journals


How can we access the papers for our research?


Well, the old fashioned way: contact author and request a reprint. 

Unfortunately, some authors do not respond, others are fantastic and send directly their PDF file, even when it is a printproof. --> Thank you to all.


Contact a good friend in another country having access and ask them if they can send you the paper. Thanks to all who have helped out.


Then, there are other initiatives:


Nature comment regarding Unpaywall

Nature toolbox: collection of web-browser plug-ins


Request a reprint via email or Researchgate