LSM880 INDIMO confocal microscope

Physiology experiments require preparation next to acquisition time. Therefore, whole days are scheduled for a specific person/lab who has previously contacted me (trese.leinders The days are blocked for their experiments.


So, if you need the microscope only for a short time period on that day, you need to contact the experimenter of that day, to 'squeeze' into the schedule or to make sure they even are doing an experiment on that day.


Make also sure you add your time slot into the google calendar to prevent double bookings. Independent of the bookings, a time managing software will keep track of the hours you are using the equipment. This is for billing purposes.


To be able to schedule time on the microscope you need:

Due to the Covid pandemic, the schedule is only reachable via the calendar on the door.


(1) to join a google group of users;

(2) permission to enter the laboratory room via your employee card;

(3) introduction to the specifics of this microscope. It has some special features AND is an upright microscope with expensive objectives;

(4) password to start the computer which is different for the various CIPMM groups.