Graduate Students

Faculty of the Department of Physiology and the CIPMM, who are internationally-renowned faculty, are directly involved in training the next generation of graduate students. An interdisciplinary program leads to a Ph.D. degree.


Das Graduiertenprogramm der Universität des Saarlandes (GradUS) -

Graduate Programm of the Saarland University


Doctorate regulation (2013): English Version, Deutsche Version 

Doctorate regulation (2007/2008): English Version, Deutsche Version

Principles of good scientific practice at the Saarland University: English Version, Deutsche Version


Rules to prevent plagiarism in dissertations starting May 2017: use iThenticate before submitting to the Dean's office. Please check official letter and talk to your supervisor (link)



Dean's office - link to information regarding all academic affairs 

Rules and regulations of the Medical School regarding PhD degrees.



Links concerning writing a thesis, the introduction, (specific) aims and the discussion (please be reminded that the links are just to give you a starting point; lots more to find in the WWW):

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